The Story of Molly’s Main Patio Ornament: The T-Rex

Molly's Patio T-Rex

Our Patio Before The T-Rex

In the beginning, there was just a patio. The year was 1991 and there were no cabanas, no copper bar or private dining new edition, and there was no dinosaur. It was far from the elaborate Molly’s campus that we all know and love today. Every new piece of our place has made it truly one of a kind, and we love how the evolution has played out. There is much interest and curiosity over the giant T-Rex that guards the gates of Molly’s, so we’re here today to tell you the story of how he came to be.

Our dinosaur serves as a mascot and an attraction. Hundreds of folks pose for pictures each year with him, and our patio most definitely was not and would not be the same without. We knew we needed something significant to stand out and help create the fun, eclectic vibes we were yearning for.

Meet Todd Rex

To understand how this amazing dinosaur became a permanent fixture on our patio we’ll have to start from the beginning. Todd Rex was born to a small herd in a small town just west of here. Todd never fit in with the other dinosaurs in town. He always believed he was destined for more.


When Todd turned 18, he small-arm-hugged his mom and dad goodbye and headed for the big city: New York. Once there, he changed his name to Tonka Rex and began his modeling career. Success came easy for the young Tonka. Before he knew it, his face was on billboards all over the city. He was even offered a spread in PlayDino magazine which he modestly declined. 


Tonka Comes to Molly’s Patio

As the years went on Tonka grew tired of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. In 2009, he began looking for a more sustainable lifestyle where he could continue his passion of being in the spotlight while residing in a calmer atmosphere. It just so happened that we were looking for someone with his experience. After exploring his options and talking with friends, he was referred to the Molly’s Patio where he could finally lay down some permanent roots. 

Tonka Rex chose to become a part of the Molly’s family because he liked the idea of serving as our mascot, interacting with the guests and residing in the beautiful but quaint Soulard neighborhood. He’s been welcoming every guest that walks through our gates with open small arms for the past 10 years, and we couldn’t have chosen a better Molly’s representative.

Molly's Patio T-Rex